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Do I read? Absolutely, its my life force, it keeps me sane these days. Books, magazines, cereal boxes, just name it. Novels are my favourite though. I like the way they take u away, far away to idyllic, beautiful places. Well written books help u optimise your mind. You realize there is no limit to where your mind can take you.
My number 1, numero uno, all star writer will be *drumroll* DANIELLE STEEL!!!! She is my spirit mother, she just doesn’t know it. I know loads of people love her and connect with her books but we have a connection. She is THE BUSINESS. She makes me laugh, cry, smile, hope, believe, trust and everything (now I am making her sound like Jesus) I love her, hope u can tell that. Her style of writing; timeless. The stuff she writes about; so real and relatable. That is the hallmark of writing for me. FINE THINGS, THE KISS, ACCIDENT, ZOYA, FULL CIRCLE are few of my favourite books. If you haven’t read any or all of them, please do.