Oh well, pet peeves. Lemme warn u first, I am slightly neurotic and my pet peeves stem from someone else in my personal space.
I hate loud chewing sounds.
You know that sound when people burst bubble wraps, I hate it.
Minimal physical contact please, thank you.
Do not touch my face.
Touch my hair without permission and u get sucker punched.
I love you but cannot burst your pimple.
I do not share flip flops, ever!!!
Do not get into my bed after I have laid it, it will get warm and make me uncomfy, I do not like.
Chaos is the new order, my room may be a mess but its my mess, I know where everything is, please don’t try to “tidy” it up, Gracias.
I will rather give it out than share.
Now these are few of my issues, lemme stop here before u certify me a freak. Hahahahahaha