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Hiiiii, I know its been a bit and I have been totally slacking on my 30 day challenge. Well, come hell or high waters, this challenge is gonna happen, it will just have to extend into november.
Today’s post is about 5 of the places I want to visit. There are loaaaddsss of them. Even though I hate travelling, there are a lot of places in the world I wish I could teleport into. Hope that happens soonish.
First stop is Ogbunike Caves in Anambra, South East Nigeria. Heard bout it for the first time in a telecom ad on tv and I have been fascinated since, the way the caves were described gave me an eerie feeling. Now that is one place I would love to experience.
Number 2 will be London. Why? To see d Queen. Hahahaha!! Well, not see the queen perse but just because. I apparently don’t have a valid reason for that one.
Third stop will be Athens, Greece. I want to feel Zeus, Apollo, Hercules. Greek mythology is simply amazing and I can’t wrap my head around a quarter of it. A visit will surely help.
Mexico: I am gonna blame Mario Puzo and mexican soap’s for this one. I wanna see d people, they are absolutely gorgeous on tv, I would love to see them in person.
Italy: this is the 5th stop and I am only here for one thing, spaghetti and meatballs. I want to taste Pasta, tomato sauce and meatballs; italian style gan gan
Curiosity is my main reason for wanting to see all of these places. Hopefully it happens sometime in my near future. Thanks for stopping by.