The “great detail” part of today’s challenge I find really amusing cos I think its impossible to get every detail.
My day started quite early, I had to be in Sabo, Yaba by 9am. That trip took 3 hours, lagos traffic is hellish. I went over to the bestie’s work with her afterwards, she was just seeing my short cropped hair in person for d first time. She hated it, I told her it would grow on her, it apparently didn’t cos she drove in to a store and bought me a wig. Then she reminded me of how I am now old and I can’t be doing random things to my hair again for husband sake or something along those lines sha! *side eye* Hahahahahahahaha!!
I had a great time with her, ate J/rice, dodo and meat (breaking every rule of the diet plan) her fault *straight face*!!! Oh, and the customers at her work place, pure hilarity.
Then we closed and headed back home, traffic as usual, sang along to music on the car stereo. Babe has a duet she is performing with le boo on her wedding. Awwwww!!! Then funny lagosians when I got on the bus too. I got home and found out there was no fuel for the generator. I went to get some, got back home, turned on the generator, flunked in my bed (was supposed to have my bath but didn’t get round to that) and sleep I did. And that was how ze day went. Hope this is detailed enough?

P:S : Apologies in advance for the errors and typo’s. _signed, Management.