Hi dearies. So technically its day 2 already but I figured I could tweak the rules a little bit and do my day 1 submission today.
I never know where to start when asked about myself, so here goes….. I am a free spirit, I love to be able to do what I like and when I like. I love reading, I am from the north central zone of Nigeria. I have got the sweetest tooth known to man. I am a really intuitive person and I strongly believe our inner voice is enough to guide us on this life’s journey.
I am a plus size drama queen. Lol. My friends and family mean the world to me, they keep me sane. Did I mention that I am a talker? No? I can talk your ears off like literally.
I am trying hard not to dwell too much on this post, so I am gonna post now so I don’t wind up clearing it and having to start all over.
See ya! *deuces*