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Hi dearies, its day 2 of the challenge, so far so good. *fingers crossed* Today’s post is about 10 likes and dislikes, I wasn’t sure if it was to be 10 items apiece and besides I couldn’t come up with 10 likes and 10 dislikes so I decided to combine both. So here goes…

1. I like music
2. I like dark spaces
3. I like drinking lime juice
4. I like reading
5. I like sweet stuff, I think I av got the sweetest tooth on this side of the planet.
6. I dislike fake people
7. I dislike chewing sounds, it totally grates my nerves
8. I dislike body contact (dunno how to explain this really) *shrugs*
9. “Guilt tripping” is another behaviour I dislike
10. I dislike complaints. Urrrrrgggghhh. You can’t imagine how much.
So that’s me, hope I don’t come across as such a weirdo.