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Hi Everyone, Hi no one. I am so glad I got round to doing this, I was prompted by okeoghene’s October Challenge. I really wanna try my hands at it.
This is my second attempt at blogging. I had a blog a while back, it was sorta anonymous then life happened to me, I stopped blogging, I missed it, decided to resurrect the blog then found out I couldn’t remember my password (I am really terrible at remembering stuff) so basically down went that blog, I could view it but couldn’t post stuff. I wanna do this again, re-enter cyber space as me.
My name is Olayinka Bamidele. A 26 year old Nigerian girl, Orobo on her way transitioning into lepa (so help me God). I look foward to writing about anything and everything and meeting awesome people along the way.
I will be back with my first installment; Day 1 of the October challenge. *kisses*